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The dude from Clark's Pest Control is here and has begun working on the house. My folks decided to put down the money to get this house rat proofed good and proper, including sealing the holes in the vents that were found by the Clark guys, as well as sealing the holes in the kitchen walls to keep the rats from coming inside. Hopefully there'll be no place for them to go except under the house where we'll have traps waiting for them. The pest control guys are also supposed to put down 3 poison bait stations around the house, according to Ronni. I'll be periodically going out to the dude working outside to check on his progress and see what he's done. I was told by Jerry, the first guy that inspected the house a couple weeks ago, that they'd go under the house to seal the holes in the vents. I know there's not much room down there, and this guy told me he'd do what he could and would have to do some of them from the outside since there wouldn't be enough room to do it from underneath. We'll see, anyway. He told me Jerry would be sealing up the holes in the kitchen, so whenever he does that, I'll ask him more questions. These guys keep saying it's best to get it done right, so they at least sound serious about their work.

I've been setting up fanfics on my kindle that Santino got me for my bday this year. I hadn't really used it till recently. I bought The Hobbit and started reading that, since we've been seeing stuff online that's gotten us excited for the movie, and I had never actually read the book before. I also got a compilation of H.P. Lovecraft stories on the kindle, which I haven't yet read. I just figured out how to set up my own documents on the thing, so I've been looking for good fanfics, and I'd love any recommendations. If you know a good TF fic, link me up in the comments! 8)